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Can Gum Depigmentation Help Change Your Smile

Many people have darker pigments in their gums which is caused by an excess buildup of melanin changing their color to brown instead of pink. Genetics also has a role to play in the buildup of melanin and certain ethnic groups like people from Africa or Middle Eastern ancestry are commonly affected by this problem. The additional pigmentation does not indicate any dysfunction or disease. However, people that are concerned about their aesthetic appearance and want to have pink gums are seeking treatments like gum depigmentation which is also known as gum bleaching.

What Is the Cause of Dark-Coloured Gums?

The color of the gums can vary from one person to another. The changes could be caused by medication, a health concern, smoking, and other lifestyle factors. The tissues of the gums are tough enough to surround the teeth and hold them in place. Their color can be different from red, pink, brown, or black.

Good oral health is essential for overall well-being and any changes in the color of the gums could be an indication of an underlying health condition. Therefore discussing with a doctor to determine the causes is suggested.

What Are the Main Causes of Discolored Gums?


Melanin is produced naturally by the body and is a substance that gives the eyes, skin, hair the color. The higher levels of melanin present in the body of an individual the darker the color of the portions mentioned. People who have always had dark gums should not be concerned because it is just a result of the melanin their bodies producing. However, if changes are sudden in the color of the gums with the appearance of black patches it could be an indication of a medical issue.


Discolored gums can also be left behind by smoking. This condition is known as smoker’s melanosis. The melanin in the body is produced by specialized cells known as melanocytes and the nicotine in tobacco can cause them to produce more melanin than required. Smoking can change the color of the gums to brown or black and the changes may be visible in patches or affect the insides of the mouth entirely. Research conducted has established that quitting smoking can reduce gum discoloration proving that the condition can be reversed.


Certain medications used for treating acne and other infections can also cause pigmentation in the mouth. People affected by this problem must discuss the condition with the treating physician as alternative medications may be suggested.

Ulcerative Gingivitis

People with ulcerative gingivitis can also suffer from discolored gums as a layer of dead tissue builds up over them. It could also be because of periodontal disease. Such people can obtain periodontal disease treatment from a dentist who will clean the teeth and gums can prescribe antibiotics. However, people with this problem will be unsuitable for gum depigmentation

Treating The Discoloration of Gums

Cosmetic dentists like gum treatment in El Paso are offering gum depigmentation treatments to improve their color and help you to change your appearance and smile by giving your gums a pink color. They are using the latest technology available to vaporize and remove a thin layer of the gum tissue by destroying the cells that produce melanin. New tissue develops during the healing process which tends to be pink instead of brown. The treatment will need a local anesthetic to be administered and some recovery time and manageable discomfort should be expected by the recipient. At times the dark color of the gums may require several sessions of the treatment before the individual can achieve the desired results. Gum treatment in El Paso is one of the handfuls of clinics in this region that is offering this treatment with help being offered by some of the latest technology.

Is Everyone Suitable for Gum Depigmentation?

Anyone with healthy gums is considered as a suitable candidate for this procedure by the clinic that assesses the health of the gums during a free consultation with their dentists. People with periodontal disease, ingesting blood thinners and those with prominent tooth roots or thin gum tissue will be considered unsuitable for this procedure. The others can, however, begin the treatment after the consultation with the dental clinic.

Meta tag: concerned about the discoloration of your gums that is not allowing you to smile properly? Why not consider the procedure of gum depigmentation that can return the color of your gums to pink and put a smile back on your face?

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