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Gum Depigmentation in El Paso, TX


Have you noticed that your gums have become darker? If you feel darkened gums are taking away from the appearance of your smile, contact El Paso Periodontics & Implant Specialists to speak about removing the patches of black or brown that can naturally develop on the tissues of the gums. Treatment is fast, no pain is involved, and your gums will be pink and healthy. Gum depigmentation can be completed in just one or two dental visits using advanced technology.

What Causes Dark Gums?

Dark gums, or gingival hyperpigmentation, is the result of melanin in the gum tissue. Patches can develop naturally, from using tobacco products, as a result of certain systemic illnesses, and taking specific medications. There are no oral health issues caused solely by darkened gums. However, the appearance of your smile may be enhanced with brighter, pinker gums. Gum depigmentation can accomplish this.

Benefits of Gum Depigmentation

When visiting your dentist and asking about gum depigmentation, you will learn about the many benefits of the procedure. Some of the things you can look forward to include:

  • A lighter & more uniform gum color
  • No cutting or stitching
  • Little to no discomfort or pain during or after depigmentation
  • Rapid healing times
  • An effective and precise laser treatment
  • Return to your busy schedule in just a few hours

Patients can be assured they will be comfortable during the procedure. It doesn’t require scalpels, is very safe, and highly effective.

What to Expect

Upon arrival at the office, El Paso Periodontics & Implant Specialists will make sure that you’re comfortable before taking a look at your gums. We will assess them to ensure that they’re healthy enough for treatment to proceed. If there are any issues with the gums, such as gum disease, this will need to be treated before gum depigmentation can take place.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a more beautiful smile by lightening the color of your gums, speak to a professional at El Paso Periodontics & Implant Specialists to schedule an appointment. We can help you feel more confident in your smile by providing a fast and effective treatment to even out the look of your gums.

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