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Learn More About Dental Health and Mouth Guards

Progress is being made in modern dental practices at an astounding rate. In fact, it’s now possible to use an oral appliance such as a custom-made mouth guard to help in any number of dental health conditions. That’s right – the devices are no longer for protection in sports only. Read on the learn how you may benefit from contacting a dentist near you in El Paso, TX, to reap the benefits of a custom-fitted mouth protector.

A Very Common Question

One of the most common questions dentists in El Paso hear from active patients is why they should use a mouth guard when playing sports. The answer is simple: to protect your teeth! But more than that, the device can help prevent nerve damage to teeth that have been impacted by force. This means that if you take precautions upfront, there’s a good chance that you can avoid costly and time-consuming dental treatments down the road.

More Information About the Benefits of an Oral Appliance

To answer another question about who needs a mouth guard — the answer is simple: any person of any age who is involved in any type of contact sport. Wondering if you can still wear a mouth guard if you wear braces? Indeed, you can. However, you will probably benefit more from a custom-made mouth guard from a dental office versus boil and bite mouth protectors or stock mouth protectors that you purchase over-the-counter.

Consider a Night Guard if You Grind Your Teeth

This is another type of specialized dental guard that patients who grind their teeth at night can wear. Teeth grinding is very harmful to your dental health. If left untreated, the condition can lead to lots of different dental problems since the habit will eventually degrade the enamel of your teeth. But having a night guard as a preventative dentistry device can save thousands of dollars because it keeps patients from grinding their teeth while sleeping. Think about it this way: a night guard is relatively inexpensive when compared to the damage of the cost to your teeth from grinding.

Wondering if You’re a Tooth Grinder?

If tooth grinding is a problem that you know you have, or if you only suspect that you’re a tooth grinder, give El Paso Periodontics and Implant Specialists a call to see if a night guard is right for you.

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