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Teeth grinding is something that’s very harmful to your dental health. Left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to lots of different dental problems, and as those problems keep cropping up, it will get progressively more expensive to treat them. Fortunately, the folks at El Paso Periodontics and Implant Specialists understand the problems associated with teeth grinding and have the solution – nightguards. A nightguard is a tool that can save thousands of dollars because it does something very simple. It keeps you from grinding your teeth while you’re asleep.

Most folks grind their teeth in their sleep because they are unable to stop themselves. It is a passive habit, sort of like a nervous tic. The problem with teeth grinding is the constant back and forth action causes lots of dental problems. The first of the problems is the grinding removes the enamel of the tooth. Tooth enamel is the protective layer on the outside of the tooth, protecting the interior of the tooth from harm. Enamel is a shield of sorts, and grinding teeth removes the ridges from your teeth and can expose the nerve root that’s buried inside your teeth. Once this happens, it’s a race against time to treat the affected nerve root and then place a crown on top of the tooth. Now imagine this process repeating time and again. This is why nightguards are needed.

Nightguards are very simple – they keep your teeth from grinding and are sturdy enough that they won’t fall victim to the incessant movement of your teeth at night. The way nightguards are made is your dentist will take an impression and then send out the impression. Once the nightguard arrives, it will be checked to ensure a proper fit. If it fits right, your mouth will feel snug but comfortable. Most importantly – your teeth will not be grinding. The nightguard is something that is relatively inexpensive, but when putting it against the costs of teeth grinding, it’s priceless.

If tooth grinding is a problem you have, or if you’re unsure if you’re a tooth grinder, give El Paso Periodontics and Implant Specialists a call to see if a nightguard is right for you.

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