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Bone Augmentation

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When there isn’t enough bone tissue to anchor dental implants, bone augmentation can help. Vahid Khoshkam, DDS, and Naser Rezaei, DDS, MS, of El Paso Periodontics & Implant Specialists, specialize in bone augmentation and has helped many people in El Paso, Texas, prepare for dental implants. During your personalized consultation, you’ll learn more about the process and what to expect, so call or book online today.

Bone Augmentation Q & A

What is bone augmentation?

Bone augmentation is a procedure that works to build up or augment your existing bone tissue. Like sinus floor elevation, the procedure is performed in advance of dental implants to ensure proper adhesion between your bone tissue and the dental implant post. 

As your dental team uses digital imaging to reveal the contours of your jawbone. In some cases, the bone beneath the implant site is not thick enough to support an implant. 

If that’s the case, bone augmentation can make you a more viable candidate for dental implants. The procedure is often referred to as bone grafting.

How does bone augmentation work?

You’ll receive numbing medication to keep you comfortable from start to finish, so there is no pain during a bone augmentation procedure. A small incision allows access to your bone tissue. 

The grafting material can come from several sources. If necessary, your dentist can use a small section of bone from your own body, which can be harvested from your hip, chin, or shins. 

Bone grafts can also be done using bone tissue from a cadaver, which is called an allograft. You can even receive bone tissue sourced from an animal. Another option is called an alloplast, and uses grafting material created in a laboratory. During your consultation, your practitioner will discuss all available options and help you make a decision in line with your needs and goals. 

What is the recovery process like after bone augmentation?

You’ll receive full post-procedure instructions on the day of your appointment. Following these instructions is an essential part of a successful recovery. You’ll also get a prescription for pain medication to manage any discomfort in the days after your bone augmentation. 

Expect to eat a limited diet of softer foods for a few days after your bone augmentation. It can take as long as six to nine months before your new bone fully fuses to the graft material. You’ll be able to return to normal eating and dental hygiene routines far sooner, however. 

If you have questions or concerns about bone augmentation, call El Paso Periodontics & Implant Specialists to schedule a face-to-face consultation. Online booking is also available and takes just moments to complete.