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Impacted Teeth Exposure in El Paso, TX


Whenever the term “impacted” is used in dentistry, many times it refers to wisdom teeth. There are many problems that can be associated with impacted teeth. All of these issues are fairly painful and if left untreated can become very problematic. El Paso Periodontics and Implant Specialists understands the nature of impacted teeth and can recommend a proper course of action, whether it’s realignment of the teeth to allow eruption or the extraction of an impacted tooth, the professional staff has all the tools needed to restore a patient’s dental health to its proper state.

Most folks hear that a tooth is impacted, and they think about wisdom teeth, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Simply put, an impacted tooth is a toot that for some reason can’t erupt from the gums and take its proper place in the mouth. In the case of wisdom teeth, this is often due to there not being enough space in the mouth. Because wisdom teeth are not very important, the treatment for wisdom tooth impaction is easy – extraction. However, other teeth can be impacted, and this can cause problems including infections within the gum tissue along with significant pain. A common tooth that’s impacted are the eye teeth in the upper part of the mouth.

Unfortunately, the problem of teeth being impacted generally affects kids. At the age of 7, it is usually difficult for an impacted tooth to erupt on its own even if space is made. The way to get ahead of the problem is to get a full mouth series. It is important for parents to notice if baby teeth are not coming out at the right rate as well. This crowding of baby teeth can lead to the problems found with impacted teeth, especially eye teeth. When getting ahead of the problem, one method is using braces to clear out the teeth so the impacted tooth can erupt naturally. This is the best option for all involved. The eye teeth usually erupt by 11-12, so if there’s space for the eye tooth to make its way into the mouth, that is the result of successful exposure.

Make sure that the teeth are where they’re supposed to be by giving a call to the folks at El Paso Periodontics and Implant Specialists.

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