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A Periodontist and Implant Specialists Can Serve Multiple Requirements at the Same Time

What would you do if you had a problem with your gums and had also lost some teeth? Visiting a dentist near you would be the first thought in your mind. However, you would also be concerned about making multiple visits to different dentists first for treating the gum disease and thereafter trying to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. You would perhaps wonder whether you can get both treatments from a single location. Difficult as it may seem the possibilities do exist and you can visit a periodontist that also offers dental implants as required by you.

Periodontists are also dentists but specialize in treating problems with the gums. Some have attained additional experience conducting surgeries of different types making them capable of inserting dental implants as and when their patients request them. Researching for a periodontist who can serve both requirements would be something you would be looking for because it can prevent the need to visit multiple dentists to complete different procedures.

Caring for Your Gum Health before Getting Implants Is Essential

If you have a problem with your gums it will be difficult for you to get dental implants. The procedure for dental implants need healthy gums and jawbone and having a deficiency in one of them ensures that the implant procedure cannot go on. You must, therefore, research properly to find a periodontist that can also offer dental implants to make it easy for you to get both procedures completed at a single place.

Your problem would have been easier if you had taken proper care of your gums in the first place. That you have developed a gum disease proves that you have not been taking proper care of your oral hygiene and following practices like brushing twice a day, flossing, avoiding certain foodstuff and visiting your dentist regularly for exams and cleanings. However, as you already have the condition your best option is to have it treated by a periodontist before it advances further and causes you to lose more teeth than you already have.

You may have lost some teeth in your mouth either because of an impact or even periodontal disease. Deciding to have replacements is certainly a proper decision but unless you can satisfy the conditions laid down by the dental fraternity it will be difficult for you to have the implants in your mouth. As you are searching for a periodontist that can also provide you dental implants we suggest you consider the periodontist in El Paso that will be able to serve both your needs ensuring that you do not have to go elsewhere for the treatment you desire.

What Will the Periodontist do in Such Cases?

In your case, the periodontist will first examine your mouth and attempt to determine the causes of the periodontal condition. The stage to which the condition has advanced will also be determined. After evaluating your oral health as well as your overall health the periodontist will begin a deep cleaning procedure that will involve scraping and root planing to remove deposits of plaque and tartar from your gums. He or she will recommend that you continue receiving the treatments until they can fully overcome the periodontal condition. You must be prepared to spend some time with the periodontist especially if the gum disease is advanced and needs intensive care. You may also be prescribed medications to help you to overcome the condition with ease.

After you have fully healed from the periodontal disease the periodontist will again examine your mouth for the implants. If you have lost too many teeth in the mouth may be recommended all on four dental implants that are capable of holding an entire set of teeth either for the upper or lower jaw. This is again a time-consuming procedure that will require surgeries before any implants are placed into your jaw. Patience is essential on your part because the procedure is lengthy and needs to be conducted by an experienced professional. However, at the end of both treatments, you will have healthier gums and a full set of teeth held by the implants inserted into your jawbone.

Having both procedures completed by a single periodontist will save you time and money making it possible for you to begin smiling graciously as you did before you lost your teeth. Researching properly is the only thing you need to do to find specialists in implants as well as periodontal conditions.

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